Most companies do not wish to have the consumer know how their furniture is built. At The Wood Shop, we encourage people to see how we build. To determine what our standard of quality is. You may notice there is no chip board, press board or other man-made woods used in making furniture. The only wood other than natural solid wood is furniture grade plywood. This is used on the back of furniture and small drawers to keep the weight of the furniture down.

logs on the cutting deck
logs checked for metal such as nails, screws and bullets.
log on the mill ready to cut
log cut into boads for your peice of furniture
boards stacked to dry (stickered)

Your piece of furniture starts as a log coming into our facility. Cut down from the forest (or in some case repurposed). The log is then cut into boards, and then placed in an outside drying area. This takes advantage of the sun drying effect. When it is determined that the wood has dried to level that is determined that it will dry no more it is then moved into a covered area where it is allowed to sit for three to twelve months, further allowing it to dry more. Then the wood is moved into the workshop environment. We do not kiln-heat the wood as wood will absorb water from the air once it is removed from the kiln within 30 days. Once the wood reaches the shop, it may be in the shop for up to a year or more. As wood is removed from the rack to build your piece of furniture, it is again checked for dryness, to ensure there will not be problems once the piece of furniture is built.

Various methods are used to build our furniture. One method used is the biscuit method. This is used when a flat area is needed that is larger than the wood width we have is needed. Groves are cut into the edge of the board with a biscuit cutter, then the seam has biscuits and glue is inserted into the joint. In some cases, we may use pocket screws as well. Clamps are applied and the piece is left to dry for 24 hours. This seam is stronger than the original wood

wood with groves cut
glue and biscuits installed
assembled not clamped
after clamping and finish the seams are almost impossible to find
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